CFQ Qigong Massage

Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Massage.

A deceptively powerful massage, the beauty of which, lies in it's simplicity.  A combination of downward flushing massage techniques (applied through clothes to the whole body), and stimulating pressures to the hands and feet, are used to open meridian channels. This in turn reminds the body of the direction of wellness and you will experience a sense 'letting go' or unwinding both during and after the session.
CFQ Qigong massage can be given as a stand alone treatment or combined with other massage techniques.
20, 30 or 40min treatments available.

"My monthly twenty minute massage with Karen is a real treat and has substantially eased my upper back aches." Sue, Eynsham 2018

For more information and to book a Qigong Massage please contact Karen Paris on 07789 062934 or email