Massage for Sporting Wellbeing & Injury

A therapeutic massage that can be used to treat most muscular problems.
Karen specialises in providing 'holistic' sports massage treatments.  She offers a unique blend of sports massage and CFQ qigong massage techniques to provide extremely effective treatments for sporting injuries & prevention.
Sports massage incorporates specialist massage techniques to both palpate and manipulate soft tissue with a view to treating and preventing injuries.  Typically CFQ Qigong massage uses downward flushing strokes.  Using both techniques alongside each other provide an effective solution to most soft tissue problems and is more enjoyable to receive. 
Not just for the sporty, this treatment improves:
Soft Tissure Injuries
Muscle Soreness
Back Problems
Strains & Sprains
Repetitive Use Injuries
Frozen Shoulder & Tennis Elbow
Pre Event Condition
Recovery Post Event

For more information and to book a sports massage please contact Karen Paris on 07789 062934 or email